Web analytics

Who are your visitors? Your website is an important sales channel and you have to invest in it continuously. Are you sure that this effort provides you with sufficient return on investment (ROI)? Have all opportunities been used to obtain more reviews from your website, and do you know precisely who your website visitors are? 

By combining our international database with our advanced analytics application, we are able to identify companies that have visited your website and to bring you in contact with them! We have developed a product that guarantees an optimal conversion, for all your website visitors!


It makes no difference, whether your website has only a few visitors per day or several million. WebAnalytics can help you to collect important information, about your visitors. WebAnalytics provides insight into important statistics, which are generated by your website. The company names and locations of your visitors, who have interest in your products or services, how long visitors remain on your website and which webpages each of them has visited. To know precisely which companies visit your website and to follow up on each visitor, that is precisely what every marketer wants! 

Detailed analytics in realtime 

B2B WebAnalytics  provides access to your own personal space, where you can see which companies have visited your website, the pages that they have visited and how much time they have spent there. These statistics give insight into all activities on your website. You can even see, which visitors are on your website at that specific time! 

Insight into the results 

Before downloading the list of results, you can first filter these on the basis of the company name, a date and the amount of time that they have spent on your website. You can enter a keyword or a tag, in order to find out what keywords were used by the visitors on your profile page. Each visit gives insight to:

  • Names of the companies that visited your company profile 
  • The location of these companies
  • The website they visited before they landed on your website 
  • Keywords they used to find your company profile 
  • Keywords you entered yourself

A list of keywords lets you see, which keywords were used by visitors before they landed on your website. By clicking on one of these keywords, you can find the names of the companies that have visited your website.

Detailed reporting

You will receive a detailed statistic report on all the companies that visited your website. You can export this data in an Excel file containing detailed information of all users that visited your website. You can sort the data on your computer and add them to your CRM system and instruct your sales team on the next move!