L. Brüggemann KG

Contact information

Address: Salzstr. 131
74076, Heilbronn
Postbox: 14 61
74004, Heilbronn

L. Brüggemann KG was founded in 1868 and is registered under number DE145796124.

The information about L. Brüggemann KG you find here, is a combination of RealTime Lead Group- and registry data.

You can contact L. Brüggemann KG via telephone number +49-71311575122 or by fax via fax number +49-7131157525111 or by sending a letter to address Salzstr. 131 with postal code 74076 in Heilbronn in Germany.

Company Information

Year of foundation:1868
Number of employees:170
Chamber of Commerce number:Amtsgericht Stuttgart HRA 100891
VAT number:DE145796124
Activiteit:Chemical preparations, nec


Antistatic agents

Sliding means



Dosing systems

Industrial chemicals

pH meters

Waste water treatment plants


Zinc oxyde

Zinc carbonate

Antioxidants for plastics

Bleaching agents


Sodium hydrosulphite

Raw Materials, chemicals, auxiliary materials and supplies

Polyacryl nitril

Proportioning systems

Fillings of chemical products

Chemical/technical products [wage labour]

Reduction agents

Copper oxide


Thixotroping agents

Redox meters

Polyacrylonitrile [PAN]

Proportioning equipment

Stabilisers for plastics

Flame resistants for plastics

Fire proofing materials

Antisettling agents

Antifoam agents

Anti blocking agents

Nucleating agents

Additive concentrates

Dispersion additives

Light shield agents

Roh- und Hilfsstoffe/Halbzeuge

Polyacrylnitril (PAN)


anti-sendimentation agents

Ausgangsstoffe/Polymerisations-Hilfsprodukte + Sonstiges

Dr. Josef Berghofer


Joachim Hofmann


Wolfgang Plaschke

- Managing director / Director

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