Online database

You can find and export your leads, from our international database platform. ABC Marketingtool makes it possible to search easily for companies, which are registered in our international database. Obtain access to the company information of more than 100 million B2B and B2C companies in 200 countries, which, using our international classification structure, are distributed over approximately 4000 unique company activities. With the available company information, it is easy for you to find new leads within your target group, making it possible to search for specific suppliers and download marketing lists.

The ABC Marketingtool not only makes it possible for you to download general information. It also makes it possible to search for specific contact persons, including their position and e-mail addresses, their corresponding website, specific company information, the year of foundation, a CoC number, the number of employees, import and export details, social media links and more! In this way, you can use the ABC Marketingtool for specific sales and marketing campaigns, as well as for an expansion of your own data and company research processes. You can expand your own portfolio, via the ABC Marketingtool and our advanced marketing database.

Making use of RTL-G Classifications

The detailed classification standard of the ABC Marketingtool is based on the internationally accepted NACE table. For a further expansion of the search function in the company database, ABC Business Directories has added more than 4000 specific company activities and more than 100,000 products to the NACE table, with which it provides a highly detailed and internationally used classification structure. Local classifications are also available, in order to support you in localizing activities and products that you are searching for.

Detailed results listing

All search results can show you an example of the final results before downloading, making it possible to adapt the list of results to your requirements. Saving a search order for future use is also possible. Company profiles are available in the results listing, whereby you are able to identify those companies in the results, which you are really looking for.

Counting dynamic results

While you are adding, changing and deleting such criteria, the server makes dynamic modifications in the background, so that you can use the ABC Marketingtool application, without waiting for results.


From the results list, you can click on any company and view the data in their profile. Such a profile contains the following information:

  • General information
  • Activities / products
  • Website & e-mail addresses
  • Brand managers
  • Classification
  • Sales figures