Financial reports

Risk analysts and financial specialists use our financial reporting system. The day of today, finances play a greater role than ever before in the growth and the success of companies. This means that you need access to the right information, at all times and everywhere. 

This product is designed for sales and marketing professionals, who are responsible for (new) business. It doesn’t matter, whether your target group is situated in your country or at the other side of the world – we offer you an excellent solution! 

Budget management

Proper budget management is essential in these uncertain financial times. After all, outstanding payments can negatively influence the growth of your company To say it more strongly: Bad or doubtful debts can bring your cash flow position into danger. You should prevent working for a partner of your company, who does not meet its obligations. 

ABC Business Directories can provide correct data, both at a national and an international level, giving you detailed financial information and evaluations, including reports on the financial position, creditworthiness and company relations. This information can be used for fine-tuning your marketing strategy, so that good profits are ensured! 


Our financial reports give you a clear insight into the solvability of a company, in the wink of an eye. The financial reports provide up-to-date financial information, concerning national and international trade and industry. These reports are a compilation of annual reports, including finances, payment references and the real estate owned by the corresponding companies, which provide you with insight into the credit worthiness of that company.