ABC e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is a very powerful tool to keep your (potential) customers informed. E-mail allows a personal approach and gives you immediate insight into the reach and effect of your message. It is a highly effective way to draw attention to your products and services, attract more visitors to your website and … increasing your sales! Whether you have never created an e-mail marketing campaign or you’re an experienced e-mail marketer, B2B E-mail Marketing has the solution to fit your e-mail marketing needs. Upload your own html-template, create your e-mail from scratch or use one of our standard templates to create your campaign.


Do you want to design your own newsletter, make sure your e-mails look great and have full control over the proces? The RealTime Lead Group provides a comprehensive e-mail marketing platform which help you to easily create your email campaigns, plan the delivery and get comprehensive reports. In addition, the report is accompanied by a detailed list of companies whom have shown interest in the offer of your campaign. You can directly follow up your leads!

  • Building your mailing list
  • Design your newsletter
  • Sending your campaign
  • Reporting & Leads

Lead nurtering

Lead Nurturing is the principle of getting more visitors, more leads and more customers. With a partly automated process you can create a trusting relationship through multiple contact moments. This is important because the first contact does not always lead to a purchase directly.
The key is to maintain the contact and to regularly inform potential and existing customers about your company, your products and services. The most important is to send out non-commercial messages such as knowledge sharing messages.