Adv. Grimm AG Fabrik für Feinwerkstechnik

Business activity:
Added Value with GRIMM. Why? Capable people, precise thinking, genuine teamwork and state-of-the-art technology. It's all at Grimm, so that every workpiece gives you that little bit extra. As a high-tech company in the metalworking industry we have long outgrown the role of a mere subcontractor. We see ourselves as a functioning cog in an ever more complex and more networked production world. Grimm has long since stopped focusing on individual parts. All the service has to be right, from prototype construction all the way through to customer delivery. And it's that consistent overall performance that means added value for you. You'll feel it - in every project we work on together.

Product range:
Turned parts, pinion gears and shafts for all technical drives, for electric motors and ventilators, hardened, ground, polished; spur toothing and worm toothing, precision-turned parts, contract manufacturing - metal: cutting,turning, gear cutting, broaching, jointing, drawing, grinding, surface treatment, hardening.

Production Data at a Glance

Lathe Technology:  
• Longitudinal turned parts up to ø 30 mm, length up to 800 mm.
• Ingot slicing parts up to ø 100 mm, length up to 350 mm.

Gearing Technology:  
• All gearing techniques up to module 2.5
• Workpiece diameter to max. 100 mm
• Milling length max. 150 mm * Gear hobbing to module 1.5

Grinding Technology:
• Centerless throughfeed grinding, grinding length up to 1000 mm.
• Centerless plunge-cut grinding, grinding length up to 250 mm.
• Grinding between centers, grinding length up to 400 mm.

Assembly of Gear Sets and Subassemblies

Adv. Albert Narr GmbH Präzisionsdrehteile

Produktions- / Lieferprogramm:
CNC-Langdrehteile von Ø 2 mm bis Ø 32 mm Maximale Länge 400 mm inklusive Komplettbearbeitung, wie z.B.: Fräsen, Gewinderollen, Gewindeschneiden, Gewindewirbeln, Mehrkant-Außen/-Innenprofile, Querbohren, Quergewindebohren, Rändeln, Reiben, Strehlen und vieles mehr. Drehteile von Ø 2 mm bis Ø 32 mm Langdrehteile, Achsen und Wellen, Anker und Magnetkerne, Bolzen, DIN- oder Musterschrauben M 1,6 bis M 10, Gewindestife nach Zeichnung, Kolben, Spindeln, Stifte, Wellenflansche und Zeichnungsschrauben aller Art Präzisions-Fassondrehteile Ø 3 mm bis Ø 32 mm Stahl, Messing V2A, Präzisions-Drehteile für alle Industriezweige, Einspritzteile für die Kunststoffindustrie, gedrehte Stecker für die Elektro- und Elektronikindustrie, Automatendrehteile.

Adv. Horn GmbH

HORN GmbH has been developing and producing flexible silicone heating units for application temperatures of up to 240°C for more than 50 years. We manufacture single pieces and big series at highest quality standards.

Our products:
• electric heating collars
• temperature control instruments
• customized electrical heaters
• heatings for vacuum systems
• heating hoses for adhesives
• analytical heating hoses
• nozzle heaters
• electronic temperature controllers
• electric temperature controllers
• electric heaters for industrial uses

Adv. LECO Glas-, Spiegel- und Kunststoff-Technik GmbH

Product range / Company activity:
Flat glasses for technical uses out of float, toughened or heat-resisting glass, tempered safety glass, UV gluing of glasses, mirrors and glass for the processing industry, digital and screen printing, cosmetic, advertising, decoration, shop spy and automobile/lorry mirrors, glass panes and mirrors for furniture, sanitary and shop equipment, advertising pocket mirrors, living-room mirrors, bathroom mirrors




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ABC has worldwide access to the financial information of a company in its database. Whenever you are looking for financial information on a company, you can simply request a report. Look for the corresponding company in our database and then select the tab ‘Financial report’. If you cannot find the company, then you can also request a report via this link.

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