Adv. Dipl.-Ing. Brecht GmbH

Der Schwerpunkt der Fertigung liegt auf komplexen und hochpräzisen CNC-Drehteilen, CNC-Frästeilen sowie CNC-Wasserstrahlschneideteilen mit einem 90° Schnitt, dank automatischem Schwenkkopf. Seit November 2014 wird zudem das Thema 3D Drucken bzw. additive Fertigung angeboten. Bei der additiven Fertigung wird auch mit kompetenten Kooperationspartnern zusammen gearbeitet, so dass wir die verschiedensten Arten der additiven Fertigung anbieten können. Zudem können die Teile mit CNC-Maschinen auf die gewünschte Präzision bzw. Oberflächenqualität nachbearbeitet werden.

Adv. Eckart Klobe

Herstellung von Saugglocken gegen Trichterbrust.

Adv. Paul Riethmüller Inh. Olaf Keller e.K.

Product range / Company activity:
Painters', tilers', and glaziers' tools, dry building and building tools

Adv. Westfalen AG

The Westfalen Group 
The Westfalen Group is an energy sector technology company operating with a total of 23 subsidiaries and associates in Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The family business, founded in 1923, has over 20 production sites located across Europe and is headquartered in Münster. Its business sectors are gases, energy supply and service stations. With about 1,700 employees, the Westfalen Group posted sales of approximately 1.7 billion euros in the 2015 financial year. 
The Gases division has grown far beyond the limits of its original Münster sales area, with numerous branches, sales offices, warehouses, and plants as well as subsidiaries in France, Benelux, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. The Westfalen Group produces and markets around 300 gases and gas mixtures for practically every trade and industry application, food production, laboratories, pharmaceuticals and medicinal purposes. These include in particular the air gases nitrogen, oxygen, and argon - created in air separation plants in Hörstel near Osnabrück and Laichingen near Ulm in Germany, and in Le Creusot, not far from Lyon in France - together with acetylene and hydrogen. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and helium are also becoming increasingly important. High value is placed on the development of innovative gas applications which optimise industrial processes. The diverse product range is extended by refrigerants and thermal transfer media for cooling and airconditioning Technology. 
Energy supply
Under its Westfalengas brand, the company ranks among the leading German liquefied gas suppliers. Westfalengas has over 2,000 applications: as an off-grid thermal energy source - also in combination with solar thermal installations from the company's own sales program - for heating factory halls and agricultural buildings, for thermal processes in industry and commerce, and as power for cars (automotive gas/LPG). Across Germany, the company provides some 900 (of a total 6,600) public service stations with automotive gas, including
those belonging to a range of brands and companies. The company also plans, installs, and supplies automotive gas service stations for corporate vehicle fleets. Still relatively new in the Energy Supply division is the sale of natural gas and electricity. These are particularly intended for private consumers as well as companies. 
Service stations
The Westfalen Group has 260 service stations, making it the largest independent branded service station network in Germany. They are located primarily in NRW and Lower Saxony. A good 100 of These Westfalen and Markant service stations also offer automotive gas (LPG), with sales well above the German average. The Westfalen Service Card, a fuel card for companies with vehicle fleets, is accepted as a cashless payment method at around 5,500 service stations (Westfalen, Markant, Agip, Aral, Avia, OMV and Total) throughout Germany. 
Product range / Company activity:
Compressed and liquefied gases (oxygen, acetylen, nitrogen, carbonic acid, hydrogen, argon, rest gases for laboratory and analysis, mixed gases and noble gases), liquefied petroleum gas (propane), application technology, supply technology




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ABC has worldwide access to the financial information of a company in its database. Whenever you are looking for financial information on a company, you can simply request a report. Look for the corresponding company in our database and then select the tab ‘Financial report’. If you cannot find the company, then you can also request a report via this link.

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