Pay per click Goolge and Bing

The purpose of advertising with Google and Bing is not to get the most visitors on your website, but the most relevant visitors. Visitors who really need your product. Our experienced Google Adwords and Bing Ads specialists can help you develop the right advertisements and campaigns to reach your target group. Location, gender, age interests, bought products and search words are some options to optimize your target group. With the right advertisements and target group you will get the best results of your Google and Bing campaign.

Google Adwords

With advertisements in Google Adwords, you will get not only more but also more relevant website visitors. This sort of advertisement is effective, because only your target group sees the advertisements. Besides the possibilities to describe the target group, it is also possible to choose a location for the advertisements. Europe for example. You only pay for the clicks on the advertisement, not for the views. A monthly report shows you the status of the Google Advertisements. RealTime Lead Group can test different texts and images to use the ones who give the best results.

Bing Ads

The Search Engine of Microsoft, Bing Ads, is constantly growing. The size is not yet comparable to Google, but it is definitely a good opportunity to invest in. The click through rate of Bing is high and the costs per click are low. The costs are low because the search results are less relevant. But the high click through rate compensates this. Your advertisements in Bing have less competition and the costs are lower. Microsoft is the company behind Bing. That is the reason why the market share of Bing is growing inside companies. When should you start to advertise on Bing?