Financial reports

Risk and financial specials use our financial reporting systems. Today finance plays a larger role than ever in the growth and success of businesess. This means that you need access to the right information anytime and anywhere.

This product is suitable for sales or marketing professionals who are responsible for (new) business. It does not matter if the target group is located at the home country or at the other side of the world, we have a solution!

Budget management

In these uncertain financial times credit management is essential. After all, outstanding payments can put a break on your business growth. To put it strong: bad and doubtful debts can endanger your cash flow position. Avoid working for a business partner who cannot meet his commitments.

ABC Business Directories has the right data at the national and international levels to provide you with detailed financial data, ratings, reports and analyzes in the field of risk management including factoring, credit management, financial reports , creditworthiness and corporate relationships. This information can be used for your marketing strategy so your revenue is guaranteed!


Our financial reports give an instant, clear insight in a company’s solvency. The financial reports provide up-to-date financial information on national and international trade and industry. The reports are a compilation of annual reports, financial and payment references and the business’ real estate. From this data, easily readable reports are compiled, they give you insight in the creditworthiness of a company.