Facebook, linkedIn and Xing advertisement

Social media is rising in the online world. Most likely you already know the power of the social media. Is your target group on social media and  do you want to anticipate on this? Than it is the right step for you to go online. ABC Business Directories can help you reach your target group on Facebook or LinkedIn.

ABC Business Directories is known in the world of social advertising. With our social media specialists we can provide the best help for companies interested in social media advertising. The specialists can create, set up and manage advertisements at Facebook Advertising and LinkedIn Advertising. The only thing you have to do is indicate your goals to us.

Facebook advertising 

With Facebook Advertising you can reach your target group very precise. You can choose your target group based on gender, what they buy on- and offline, interests and more. Facebook Advertising is good manner to build up brand awareness, because you can reach the target group effectively and on a cost efficient manner with content. A research of Comscore shows that Facebook users who see your advertisements in their newsfeed, visit your website more often. A research of datalicious shows that display advertisements in Facebook score high at generating clicks. When Facebook users visit your website through the advertisements, you can guide them to the right page.

There are lots of possibilities for advertisements at Facebook. What sort of advertisement, how you can reach your goals, targeting options and display options. The choices you make depend on your goals, the target group and the budget. Facebook has an auction model, the winner of the auction is the shown advertisement. This auction decides the final price. You can decide for yourself how much money you pay for the advertisements, it depends on the goals.

The two most common bid types are:

  • CPC: Cost per click (you pay per click)
  • CPM: Cost per Mile (you pay per 1000 views)

You can manage the costs for Facebook Advertisement by choosing a budget per day or per amount of time. With this cost structure you can stay within your budget. We can create a monthly report with the results of the advertisements with Facebook-pixel and Google Analytics. These results are necessary to be able to improve the advertisements. We can not only improve the advertisements, but also the target group, so your advertisements will give the best results.

LinkedIn and Xing advertising

LinkedIn and Xing are the second advertise possibility. This platform has a business character and more than 300 million users. It is the perfect solution for a B2B target group. This option can lead to more brand awareness, traffic and leads.

With LinkedIn it is possible to target the advertisements close to your business target group. Options are: Location, Job Title, School and Degree. LinkedIn has less possibilities compared with Facebook, but it can target very precise. The cost model is similar to the model of Facebook. CPC (Costs per click) is the best option when more leads are wished. For more brand awareness and traffic it is best to choose for CPM (Cost per mile). You can also control the budget by deciding the daily budget or duration of the campaign..